About Ryan Roberts & Career History


At the beginning of my career, I became very interested in the idea of selling things online. It was still somewhat of an emerging concept and the days of writing software for fun quickly ended in lieu of back-end architecture on e-commerce platforms. I took my knowledge of VB and applied it to object oriented programming on the .NET framework. We built e-commerce ventures for the world’s leading brands including Amway, and Vera Bradley. iMart later went on to be publicly acquired by Smart Online.



I had always been interested in blurring the lines of creative and technical. If I wasn’t writing software, I was behind a camera shooting with friends skateboarding, snowboarding or kiteboarding. I went from writing code 100% of the time to about 20% of the time and focusing my efforts on global campaign launch for Bacardi Rums. As TEN is the agency of record for Bacardi, I was responsible for launching globally scoped initiatives in coordination with local marketing agencies.



I literally started chasing the wind kiteboarding. GoPro was taking the stage as an emerging market leader. I started looking around at ways to watch the weather so I’d always know when it was windy. After getting sick of refreshing their website all the time to see if the weather station up the street from the office was good enough to kite. I reached out to a small weather company called WeatherFlow, probably 3 or 4 times before they gave in. I was looking for an API to program against and create a desktop weather application. After creating a desktop application for them, they eventually offered me a full-time job writing software.



I grew up behind the camera, shooting for friends while skateboarding and snowboarding. It was always a huge interest of mine. CAMRIG lead me down the path of being behind the camera in a new way.  Working closely with a mechanical engineer and some of the early employee’s at GoPro I created a product line of GoPro camera mounts designed to capture kiteboarding from 3 different angles. At the apex of the lines facing the rider, on the fin-box of the kiteboard filming upwards at the rider, and lastly on the strut of the kite 23 meters away. CAMRIG was a huge hit and perfectly timed within the marketplace. I lead sales of over 300,000 units in 4 years. Product costs were ~.45 cents FOB to $30, and retail prices ranged from $45.00 – $89.00 retail. The 3 person company was later acquired by a very well known National Geographic Photographer and a Wall Street stock broker at a 2.3x gross profit multiple.

Having exited CAMRIG while working at WeatherFlow, I transitioned into a product management role. I was responsible for the creation and management of many of WeatherFlow’s core business components. This includes architecture and first lines of code to what is now WindAlert. I designed 5 mobile applications and built numerous desktop and web applications.



Telling my friends the exact weather conditions at a given location is the difference between me flying alone, or flying with friends. The obvious solution is a portable weather station. More-so, a portable weather station for my phone that can capture wind speed and direction and let me text message it to Joe or Trey.

I put $12k of my own money up front, taught myself some basic electrical engineering and mechanical engineering and worked with a contract EE and ME to create what is now the WeatherFlow Wind Meter. The device has been co-branded by everyone ranging from insurance companies to Nikon Ballistics and HVAC technicians. Given the nature of the product, it spans a wide number of markets and uses cases. It has sold roughly 400,000 units globally and is responsible for $15.98m in retail sell out. It is sold in nearly every major retail sporting goods store globally and subsequently replaced a $1,200 device for measuring airflow in the HVAC industry. It doubled company revenue and set course for an entirely new division of weather products.



The distributor of the CAMRIG product line soon asked me to come work for them and oversee global marketing on an action sports brand XSories. They are the largest action sports camera accessory manufacturer in the world. I was promoted internally along the way and began leading the Philips projector brand, and launched the Z-Camera brand (a GoPro team spin off). I came into the company, built a very large global team responsible for marketing execution across 3 brands. Regional leads were located in APAC, EMEA and NA. While directing the work of this team, I launched 2800 Target and Best Buy doors digitally with Google, Facebook, AdRoll and physically in store with retail point of purchase displays.



During my tenure at XTreme Video / XSories / XS Commerce (conglomerate), I lost a family member to COPD and set out to re-invent the technology behind measuring lung function. The wind meter set the stage for being able to accurately collect and share data from a mobile application but also helped me learn a lot about fluid dynamics. Together, my team and I have developed and validated the world’s most accurate and cost effective means of measuring lung function. This includes entirely re-inventing the underlying technology within spirometry.  I’ve successfully raised capital, developed the product and actively lead regulatory adherence efforts (ATS, ERS, FDA, TUV, CE) for the creation of a class 2 medical device.



All along the way, I’ve been working with Google’s SMB teams to run advertising campaigns. In August of 2016, I joined the Google Partners central team to lead marketing efforts for the google.com/partners brand. Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts.



A running list of projects completed

Here is a full list of projects I’ve worked on over the years, in chronological order.



MySpirometer Founder
Philips Projectors Apple Retail Packaging Global Marketing Manager
Z Camera Packaging Global Marketing Manager
Z Camera Kickstarter Global Marketing Manager
Z Camera Website Global Marketing Manager
Z Camera Product Description Global Marketing Manager
Z Camera Trade Shows Global Marketing Manager
Z Camera Retargeting Campaigns Global Marketing Manager
Z Camera Photography Global Marketing Manager
XSories Product Information Guide Global Marketing Manager
XSories WeyeFeye Remote Global Marketing Manager
XSories Best Buy Retail Displays Global Marketing Manager
XSories Global Trade Shows Global Marketing Manager
XSories Creator Of The Week Contest Global Marketing Manager
XSories Target Retail Launch Global Marketing Manager
XSories Product & Lifestyle Photography Global Marketing Manager
XSories Social Media Global Marketing Manager
XSories Digital Advertising Campaigns Global Marketing Manager
XSories Base Jumping in Moab Global Marketing Manager
XSories Surfing in Nicaragua Video Global Marketing Manager
XSories Ski Trippin Video Global Marketing Manager
XSories The Forecaster, Wolf Creek Global Marketing Manager
XSories The Nomad, Climbing Global Marketing Manager
XSories Magento Website Global Marketing Manager
XS Commerce Lead Generation Website Global Marketing Manager
Alsoa Website Founder
Heatworks Advertising Camapigns Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Lead Generation Pages Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Testimonial Videos Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Apple Watch Concept Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Website Redesign Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Branding Redesign Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Unit Calculator Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Promo Video Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Pre-Roll Video Spots Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks iOS & Android App Design Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Infographic Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Product Photography Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks User Manual Chief Marketing Officer
Heatworks Product Guide Chief Marketing Officer
Shutterbug Remote Website CoFounder
Shutterbug Remote iOS & Android App CoFounder
Shutterbug Remote Hardware CoFounder
Shutterbug Branding CoFounder
WineAwesomeness Ecommerce Checkout Consultant
AOK Watersports Magento Website Consultant
Shinn USA Magento Website Consultant
WeatherFlow Wind Meter Landing Page Product Manager
WeatherFlow Wind Meter Lead Generation Product Manager
WeatherFlow Wind Meter Product Guide Product Manager
WeatherFlow Gift Cards Product Manager
WeatherFlow Gift Cards Website Product Manager
WeatherFlow Wind Meter Inventor
WeatherFlow JWeather API Software Developer
WindAlert Website Designer, Software Developer
iKitesurf Website Designer, Software Developer
iWindsurf Website Designer, Software Developer
WeatherFlow Weather Engine API Software Developer
CAMRIG Video Bumper Founder
CAMRIG Website Founder
CAMRIG Line Mount Founder
CAMRIG Fin Mount Founder
CAMRIG Strut Mount Founder
Kitesurf Beaches Founder
iKitesurf Mobile Application Designer
Neilpryde Widget Designer, Software Developer
iKitesurf Desktop Consultant
Thompson Surgical Consultant
Bacardi Initiatives Local Market Manager
Bacardi Website Local Market Manager
eSpring Website Software Developer
Steelcase Details Software Developer
Founders Council Website Software Developer
Nutrilite Website Software Developer
Vera Bradley Website Software Developer
Artistry Website Software Developer
iMart IDMA Architecture Software Developer
iMart IDSA Architecture Software Developer