I’m Ryan, an inventor, entrepreneur, pilot, designer, software developer, kiteboarder, husband and world traveler. I’ve built a company with retail sales in 30+ countries, designed apps for wind enthusiasts, & managed projects for some of the world’s most prestigious brands.  My wife Jessica and I currently live in Charleston, SC.


ShutterBug Remote

In late 2013 I came on as a co-founder of ShutterBug Remote, my role covers every aspect of marketing & communications, and supply chain management. ShutterBug is designed with incredibly sophisticated electronics, software, and firmware while incorporating the latest in Bluetooth LE technology. Designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the USA we are in the early stages of inception and looking forward to a successful future with many industry partners.



I joined WeatherFlow as a software developer in early 2008 and eventually took a leading role in an innovative real-time weather tracking and reporting application for the web, desktop and mobile. WetherFlow provides easy access to data from 50,000+ global weather stations and delivers it to niche consumer and government markets. Working in close collaboration with WeatherFlows CIO, & CEO, I am personally responsible for many internal projects, as well as designing/developing and helping oversee many of WeatherFlows core business components. My work underpins 3.5 million page views per month and over 1.2 million a year in revenue across 5 consumer brands. I currently serve as the creator of, and product manager for the WeatherFlow Wind Meter and brand manager for the iKitesurf.com website.



I was the co-founder of CAMRIG, an innovative point-of-view camera mount for GoPro Cameras.  My role covered every aspect of product development, marketing, sales, manufacturing and supply chain management. I established business relationships with distributors in South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Australia,  with sales in over 1000+ retail locations spanning 30+ countries. CAMRIG was privately acquired in December of 2012.



In 2006, I started Eleven, Inc. Functioning as an umbrella company to serve my endless need for entrepreneurial adventures I served an incredibly diverse client base of digitally based e-commerce boutiques, consumer product manufacturers, & action sports companies. Here are a few brands that I have worked with:

  • Bacardi
  • MLB
  • Neil Pryde
  • SBC Kiteboarding
  • The Kiteboarder Magazine
  • Thompson Surgical
  • WeatherFlow
  • Windquest
  • Wine Awesomeness
  • iKSurfmag



2004-2006 – iMart was an e-commerce boutique whose flagship product was an enterprise e-commerce platform (“iDA”) designed for large multi-channel online retailers. I developed on top of the iMART “iDA” platform with a team while leveraging Microsoft technologies, and test-driven development. My work underpinned sites with revenue exceeding 40m a year and some of our clients included Vera Bradley, Amway, and 1800Pharmacy. iMart was publicly acquired in 2006 by Smart Online.