IoT Mobile Applications

I’ve designed and lead the creation of numerous mobile applications. All of them are photography or weather related and most are IoT sensor based. The WeatherFlow Wind Meter was one of the first IoT products in the world to use the headphone jack to harvest power. A specific frequency audio tone is played at full volume through the left and right headphone channels while the microphone listens to the signal coming back from a photo sensor that the impeller blades interrupt. A Goertzel algorithm and native iOS and Android applications convert this into an RPM and a final wind speed value is deduced in metric or imperial units.


Shutterbug Remote Shutterbug is a small Bluetooth 4.0 LE camera remote that operates from iOS or Android. I created this in Charleston, SC with a partner on the EE side. ShutterBug is sold in B&H and Adorama
Radar Highly popular and simple Android application for monitoring the radar
WeatherFlow Wind Meter Half a million downloads between iOS and Android. Provides power to hardware via an audio tone on left and right audio channel. Data is sent back to the WeatherFlow Weather Engine API and displayed across 5 consumer branded websites and applications.
WindAlert A complimentary application and extension of the website.
SailFlow Sailing specific weather products and repackaged code from WindAlert mobile application. This is repeated for numerous applications as a marketing and product positioning play.
FishWeather Fishing specific weather products, same repackaged code but a new brand.
iWindsurf Biggest windsurfing weather provider in the world transition from web to mobile.
iKitesurf Biggest kiteboarding weather provider in world from desktop to mobile
XSories WeyeFeye Remote This is a higher end live view version of ShutterBug Remote.


There are equivalent versions of the Android applications above for iOS. Most of the functionality and design is synonymous and each application was built on top of cocoa or swift native languages. Early on in the inception of these applications I spent a good deal of time designing them and handling UI/UX.

Shutterbug Remote FishWeather
WeatherFlow Wind Meter iWindsurf
WindAlert iKitesurf
SailFlow XSories WeyeFeye Remote